Student Poster Session A: Arts and Humanities

Friday, November 7, 2014: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Plaza Foyer (Sheraton)
Sponsored by Golden Key International Honour Society
Literature, philosophy, communications, art history, etc.
De Córdoba a Havana: Merging Student and Faculty Research
Mimi Killinger , University of Maine; Blaise Collett , University of Maine
American Horrors: An Exploration of Contemporary Social Bias
Jessica Clair* , Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Are Drone Strikes Just?
Katie Scott* , Eastern Kentucky University; Damir Siahkoohi , Eastern Kentucky University
Berlin, 1989: Sex, Drugs, and the GDR
Bryce Jones* , Ohio State University Newark
Breaking the Silence: Can We Save Classical Music?
Harmonie Strohl* , Irvine Valley College
German Expressionism: The Art of Escape
Heather Stewart* , University of Louisville
Greca; The Use of Art As a Social Distinguisher in Mexico
Arturo Bugarin-Correa* , University of Northern Colorado
Heroism as Constructed Masculinity in the Epic of Beowulf
Rachael Poe* , University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Nicholas Callan: Priest, Scientist, Engineer
Charles Rogers* , Tennessee Technological University
Religious Influence on Environmental Outlook
Aine Fitzgerald* , Dominican University of California
The Greek Tragedy Playbook: Examining Agon Scenes
Jessica Hughes* , Emory & Henry College
The Sephardim: Changing Language and Identity Since 1492
Bethany Pinzur* , Tennessee Technological University
Vulgar Latin to Modern Day: Origins and Evolution of the French Language
Maitland Dunwoody* , Eastern Kentucky University
Bleak Futures, Popular Novels: A Study of Young Adult Dystopian Literature
Kimberly Barszcz* , Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
A Modernized Twelve-Tone Composition
Christie Gribschaw* , Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
New York, a Multicultural Capital of the World
Eli Pemberton* , Monroe College; Kathryn MacDonald , Monroe College
Verb-STEM: Poetry and Prose Composed with Code and Mathematical Notation
Osayame Gaius-Obaseki* , University of West Georgia; Rebecca Jackson , Ball State University
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