Assessment and Evaluation Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 5, 2014: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM
Governorís Square 9 (Sheraton)
Committee Charge: Coordinate and oversee activities of NCHC relating to honors evaluation and the assessment of honors programs. Train site visitors for honors program consultations, assessments, and evaluations. In collaboration with the Publications Board, oversee the periodic updating and revisions of all NCHC publications relating to the evaluation of honors programs.
Greg Lanier1, Art Spisak2, Eugene Alpert3, Lauren Bach4, Gary M. Bell5, Kate Bruce6, James J. Buss7, Cheryl Chamblin8, Ray J. Davis9, Patricia Decker10, James Ford11, Michelle Hawley12, Linda Kobylarz13, Joseph D. Lewandowski14, Donald Nobles15, Alexander Phillips16, Philip Phillips17, David Rhea18, Ce Rosenow19, Angela Salas20, Rosalie Saltzman21, Richard I. Scott22, Patricia Smith22, Joanie Sompayrac23, Douglass Sullivan-Gonzalez24 and Trijntje Van Dyk25, (1)University of West Florida(2)University of Iowa(3)Non-Institutional/Affiliate(4)Minnesota State University, Mankato(5)Texas Tech University(6)University of North Carolina Wilmington(7)Salisbury University(8)Millikin University(9)North Carolina State University(10)Johnson County Community College(11)Rogers State University(12)California State University Los Angeles(13)Post University(14)University of Central Missouri(15)Auburn University at Montgomery(16)Commonwealth Honors College UMass Amherst(17)Middle Tennessee State University(18)Governors State University(19)Lane Community College(20)Indiana University Southeast(21)University of Nebraska-Omaha(22)University of Central Arkansas(23)The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga(24)The University of Mississippi(25)Saxion University of Applied Sciences