The Honors Semesters Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 5, 2014: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Director’s Row F (Sheraton)
This open meeting shares the working session with non-committee members so that they can see what is involved in planning and implementing both Faculty Institutes and Student Semesters.  All are welcome.
Bernice Braid1, Elizabeth Beck2, Susan Cannata3, William Daniel4, Susan Edwards5, Alix D. Fink6, Monica Halka7, Gregory Harris8, Kim Klein9, Toni Lefton10, Ada Long11, Clay Motley12, Matthew Nickerson13, Donald Nobles14, Joy Ochs15, Jesse Peters3 and Sara Quay16, (1)Long Island University-Brooklyn(2)Iowa State University(3)University of North Carolina at Pembroke(4)Winthrop University(5)Phi Theta Kappa(6)Longwood University(7)Georgia Institute of Technology(8)Polk State College(9)Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania(10)Colorado School of Mines(11)University of Alabama at Birmingham(12)Western Kentucky University(13)Southern Utah University(14)Auburn University at Montgomery(15)Mount Mercy University(16)Endicott College