Research Committee Meeting

Friday, November 7, 2014: 1:00 PM-1:50 PM
Director’s Row F (Sheraton)
  • Encourage, stimulate, and undertake research directed towards honors programs, students, and faculty.
  • Identify areas of research related to the academically talented student and appropriate pedagogy, environments, and/or co-curricular activities.
  • Serve as a liaison/conduit for NCHC Committees to promote and communicate the need for research in various aspects of honors education.
Edward Kardas1, Marca V.C. Wolfensberger2, Donna Bowman3, Gloria Cox4, Richard K. England5, Susan Eve4, Jerry Herron6, Dan Johnson7, Bradley R. Newcomer8, Philip Phillips9, Richard I. Scott3, Mike Sloane8, Cindy Ticknor10, Stephen Yoder8 and Rhonda Phillips11, (1)Southern Arkansas University(2)Utrecht University(3)University of Central Arkansas(4)University of North Texas(5)Eastern Illinois University(6)Wayne State University(7)University of North Carolina Wilmington(8)University of Alabama at Birmingham(9)Middle Tennessee State University(10)Columbus State University(11)Purdue University