Publications Board Meeting

Thursday, November 6, 2014: 8:00 PM-11:30 PM
Director’s Row F (Sheraton)
Oversee the mission and function of and relationships among the Journal of the National Collegiate Honors CouncilHonors in Practice, and the Monograph Series, acting as an advisory board to the editors and authors of these publications.
Jeffrey Portnoy1, Joan Digby2, Richard Badenhausen3, Larry Andrews4, Phame Camarena5, Lisa Coleman6, Lydia Daniel7, Kristina Davis8, Ray J. Davis9, Joan Digby2, John Emert10, Linda Frost11, Jerry Herron12, Ada Long13, Karen Lyons14, George Mariz15, Andrew Martino16, Dail Mullins13, Rosalie Otero17, Rusty Rushton13, Ricki Shine18 and Emily Walshe2, (1)Georgia Perimeter College(2)Long Island University/LIU Post(3)Westminster College(4)Kent State University(5)Central Michigan University(6)Southeastern Oklahoma State University(7)Hillsborough Community College(8)Abilene Christian University(9)North Carolina State University(10)Ball State University(11)University of Tennessee at Chattanooga(12)Wayne State University(13)University of Alabama at Birmingham(14)University of Nebraska-Lincoln(15)Western Washington University(16)Southern New Hampshire University(17)The University of New Mexico(18)Clemson University