Student Poster Session B: Social & Behavioral Sciences

Friday, November 7, 2014: 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
Plaza Foyer (Sheraton)
Sponsored by Golden Key International Honour Society
Psychology, sociology, history, political science, anthropology, social work, etc.
Relationship of Non-Attachment to Psychological Symptomatology
Jessica Weiss* , University of Montana-Missoula
Surviving Together Alone: Non-Unionization of Poles in the American City, 1880-1930
Daniel Gladis* , Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Stereotype Threat and Men's Body Image
Jessica Szafranski* , Elmhurst College; Kate Johnstone* , Elmhurst College
The Waiver of Miranda Rights
Adam Cohler* , Ramapo College of New Jersey
Exploring the Value of Rural Life: Providing Curricula Opportunities
Adam Ripp* , University of Nebraska-Kearney; Shelby Rowan* , University of Nebraska-Kearney
The Challenge of Establishing a Federal Shield Law
Jacob Blair* , Eastern Kentucky University
The Climb from 32 to 44: How the Race for the Presidency Has Been Affected By Advances in Media
Matthew Boggs* , Eastern Kentucky University; Logan Durham* , Eastern Kentucky University
Honors Colleges: What Are the Benefits? By What Mechanisms?
Anjali Martin* , Eastern Michigan University
Political TV Drama: Ethics and Perspectives
Joseph Fisher* , Eastern Kentucky University; Joshua Lang* , Eastern Kentucky University
Climbing to Freedom: A Look at Modern-Day Abolitionist Efforts in America
Halle Graham* , Eastern Kentucky University; Hannah March* , Eastern Kentucky University; Vivian Nguyen* , Eastern Kentucky University
A Mountain of Consequences: Guatemalan Adoption Embargo Causing More Challenges than Solutions
Jamie King* , Eastern Kentucky University; Jessica Miller* , Eastern Kentucky University
The Fair Tax Proposal
Shampagne Robinson* , Suffolk University
Personality Disorder and Crime: Are Psychopaths Criminally Responsible?
Amelia Mimms* , Tennessee Technological University
Music Absorption and Addictive Behaviors
Braden Weinmann* , Angelo State University
Carbohydrates Uniquely Predict Cognitive Impairment in Fibromyalgia
Jack Shelley-Tremblay , University of South Alabama; Tyler Bell* , University of South Alabama
The Delivery Matters: Examining Reactivity in Question Answering
Riley Foreman* , Missouri State University; Erin Buchanan , Missouri State University
Wright Patman: Twentieth-Century Populist
Kayleah Cumpian* , Northeast Texas Community College
Elite Interviews in American Politics
Nora Trotman* , University of West Florida
Attitudes towards People with Disabilities
Conner Smith* , Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania; Jennifer Willford , Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Americans Loved the Railroads
Elyse Coleman* , Northeast Texas Community College
Gematria: The Creativity of Literary Math and Symbolic Numbers
Miranda Mendoza* , Northeast Texas Community College
Levantine Immigrants in Latin America and Their Economic Impact on Host Countries
Alice H. Abboud* , University of Puerto Rico-Recinto De Rio Piedras
Analysis of Moral Dilemmas in Vocational Choice
Timothy Lee* , Chapman University
Culture of Rebellion
Amber McDaniel* , Arcadia University
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